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My name is Yash, and I am the Dharmic Bull. This blog is intended to be a collection of stories, experiences, influences, and readings that have shaped and continue to shape my investing journey. I am a die-hard passionate investor who believes in continuous learning and has been active in the markets since 2018.

I have started this blog for 3 reasons:

• To document my thoughts for better decision making
• To enrich investment literature with my differentiated insights
• To establish and promote a ‘Dharmic’ style of investing in the markets

Introduction to the website

Investing is one of the best ways to generate and grow your wealth. Anybody and everybody can become a great investor provided they are patient, willing to learn, open to change, enjoy the process and can sacrifice short term desires for long term goals. As legendary investor – Warren Buffet likes to say, ‘Investing is simple but not easy’. Success comes from internalizing knowledge, applying it to real life evolving situations, getting feedback from the market, and fine tuning the process.

‘Dharmic’ style of investing uses both ancient and contemporary Indian philosophy and cultural discourse to refine the process and help investors generate wealth in an ethical and sustainable way. I believe Indic values, traditions, stories and lived experiences can help us make it the Indian century.

But bear in mind that this is not a get rich quick scheme. A couple of stocks delivering great returns may not be significant if your portfolio returns are average. You have to pick high quality winners that will increase your returns at the portfolio level. Unlike trading, which places a strong emphasis on action, investing is primarily about waiting for the right opportunities. Typically, great investors spend 90-95% of their time in research and thinking. The rest 5-10% is their buy and sell decisions. They know how to extract maximum value – buying at the right price and selling in euphoria.

It’s important to have the right expectations. You can’t become a brilliant investor overnight. The media talks about overnight successes but fails to mention the years of hard work, dedication, sacrifices that go into making success appear ‘overnight’ and look ‘easy’. Just like having a great education, sets you on the right path by giving you a platform and opening doors for you. This blog will expand your mental horizon, equip you with rigorous investing frameworks, tools, and a solid knowledge base through which you can research individual companies and take the right investing decisions. The returns in investing are back ended so what may appear foolish in the present may turn out to be brilliant in hindsight. Time is the best judge of your decisions. However, most impatient investors end up losing money. If it was that easy to get rich everyone would jump in, the market would be highly efficient and you would fail to beat the market. You’re able to make money because the market is inefficient and filled with a lot of amateur players whom you can beat.

Ultimately, investing like other fields in science and liberal arts is ever evolving. While some concepts are age old, interesting new concepts do come up time to time. People come up with their own theories which may or may not be applicable in your context. You will do well if you adopt an attitude of lifelong learning and change your mind when new information presents itself. I promise this will be a phenomenally rewarding journey, just don’t give up during tough times as and when they come around (they certainly will). If you do manage to stick around in the markets and stay invested for 15-20 years, you will end up making more than you can ever imagine.

Hope to keep adding value with innovative and helpful content.



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